The Nerdification of America

Nerds Rise

In my wildest dreams I would have never thought Comic-Con would become what is it today: the entertainment media capital of the world during the summer time. Wasn’t Comic-Con really supposed to be a place where basement-dwelling virgins meet up to play Magic and discuss who would win in a fight between Captain Marvel and Superman? Apparently not any more. So how did this happen?

I attribute this shift to the ‘Nerdification of America’. And I see this as a good thing.

Other than being a fellow nerd, this signifies an enlightenment in America. For years, the British have been nerding it up; from their unconditional love for Tolkien to their unyielding thirst for more Dr. Who, the UK has been a world leader in nerdome.

Need more proof? Well, in 1997 people stood in line for Star Wars Episode I for months. In 2015, these same people did the same thing. How did the media cover it then and now? Back then, it was a scarlet letter, now it is a badge of honor. Look at the popularity of comic book movies. I mean there is an Iron Man 3. There are 3 of them!!! I bet over 75% of American didn’t even know who Iron Man was until the first film. Each superhero movie does better than the last, and each one feeds of the stories of each other. The actors are all big namers, and the critics love these movies (for the most part). They made 6 movies about Middle Earth. Six!!!!! And it cost them over a billion. And yes, it was a good investment. Amazing. Finally, what’s the biggest show on TV? Game of Thrones. An adult fantasy written by a guy with a fat guy cap. And for good measure, the second most? The graphic novel Walking Dead.

So why is this a good thing? Well, I like this stuff. That should be enough.

But another reason is that it inspires some imagination and thought. These are good stories and are creative. They are not simple rom-com’s or artsy-fartsy indie flicks. There is real imagination and production to this stuff.

Also, it is an acceptance of a subculture that has been routinely mocked for decades in this country. Put the nerd in the locker, beat up the geeky computer nerd. Yes, those nerds now are rich and are somewhat deified, but that’s not the real pith of this; the acceptance of different interests and social mannerisms is a bigger deal. More acceptance=better world.

So I say to all my nerd friends…Excelsior!!! And also can you not be so embarrassing in public? I mean some social norms should be adhered to.