Lady Parts

Over the past few years, the social left have been demanding more good parts for women in Hollywood. From the Bechdel test to just a bunch of SJW’s making a lot of noise, there is a feeling from some that there needs to be not only more females in movies, but parts that do not restrict them to damsels in distress or background eye candy.

Sure, I’ll go along with this. I’m an open-minded man of the 21st century, I’m willing to agree with this idea. Also my mom reads this, so I really have no choice but to say I agree.

So has been the recent result of this push? Well, we have a female Luke Skywalker, a remake of the Ghostbusters with women, and not this; an Ocean’s 11 re-remake but with 8 women.

Is this what people had in mind for more women in movies? Just to rehash dusty scripts of days past and cast it anew with females? Seems very lame.

In a business that prides itself on progressiveness and creativity, there seems to be a lot of those things missing. I mean c’mon now….Ocean’s 8? That is so lazy and inane that one cannot defend this idea at all.

And it is not that there is not reasonable talent in the cast. Kristin Wiig (UA grad by the way) is very good, Sandra Bullock has moments, and Cate Blanchett is maybe the best female actress going today. So why is the outlet for this female talent engulfed in a ‘sloppy seconds’ (or thirds in this case) script?

Now we can blame Hollywood for their inane choices for remakes, but we also should look at the women that are cooperating in this. There have been good and very funny movies as of late with primary female casts: Spy, The Heat, and Bridesmaids (which was sort of like a remake of Hangover, but I digress). There are also very strong female parts in many good big films; Cate Blanchett in Thor 3, Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman, and of course the creme de la creme of strong female parts, Charlize Theron as Furiousa in Mad Max. These women in this new bullpoo Ocean’s 8 should not agree to do that tripe.

It is not like there is any proof that female’s cannot carry a movie or are weak on screen. Quite the opposite. So why mire this talent in some rehashed garbage. And why does the talent let this happen?

Anyway, I guarantee I will not see this movie. I loved the Clooney Ocean’s 11, it was hip, fresh, ultra-stylized, and just fun. Then the franchise got stale. I bet my mortgage that by simply infusing the cast with women will not freshen this all up.