The Greatest Meme Ever Posted

Oh my God!!!! I absolutely love Grumpy Cat. I mean I have always been a fan of funny cat memes; cats falling down, cats sleeping, cats scaring dogs, the material there is endless.

But holy cow!! Look at this cat:

That is so damn funny, I can’t stand it.

Every time I look at this feline, I laugh. I mean every-gosh darn-time I look, I laugh.

C’mon….look at this guy:

I cannot tell you how much I love this mouser of grump.

So I did some research. Apparently our four-legged curmudgeon (who’s real name is Tardar Sauce) lives near Phoenix Arizona with Tabatha Bundesen. Apparently the idea of posting pictures of the furry ‘sourpuss’ (yes, pun INTENDED) was her brother’s idea, an idea that has reined in millions of dollars for her.

Millions of dollars well deserved I may add.

I mean really. LOOK AT HIM!!!

Actually it turns out ‘he’ is a ‘she’.

Anyway, I love grumpy cat. I think she speaks for me in so many ways.

For example:

What are my thoughts on fun?




Old people?

God, I love that cat.

Is there anything funnier in the world?