Old-Time Rock N' Roll

When do you know your old? Well, when you tune into the classic rock radio station and they are playing your playlist from high school.

Nothing symbolizes how out of touch or distant we are from the younger generation than music.

When I taught, the one thing kids had the strongest opinions on, the one topic that would rile them up the most, was their music choices. I remember discussions where I would try to convince these kids that Nas was nothing compared to Public Enemy, or Linkin Park is garbage when you compare them to Soundgarden. I would never win those arguments (although I really did) and they would still listen to their rot.

That was mid 2000’s. Now I can’t even name a current music act.

Why does this happen? I mean I am not frozen in time when it comes to sports, movies, tv, etc. Why music? You know my iPod (yes, iPod) does not have a single song post year 2000? I haven’t updated the playlist in 10 years.

Now I can go backwards when it comes to music; Zeppelin is my all-time fav while anything from the 70’s kicks ass. Even the glam era of the 80’s has a soft place in my heart. But now, I have no clue what is considered ‘good’.

Well, to be fair, I know who Adele is, one or two Imagine Dragons songs, and some lady named Gaga, but that’s about it.

I sometimes think there is something wrong with me. I need to get more hip and with the times. But then I realize two things:

1) new music does indeed suck

2) old music acts are just as, if not more, profitable than the new ones

Why does every casino have tours like Eddie Money, Gordon Lightfoot, redux Journey, Foreigner, etc. still poking around? There has to be money and interest in these old-timers. In August, GNR is performing at the Clink; 80000+. We will see how many show, but still, that’s a huge concert, especially since Axl now has a shiny, sausage-like face.

It seems like these old acts still have legs, so I am not alone in this feeling that the old time rock ‘n roll still can soothe the soul. And as far as this new fangled noise? Hell, I don’t care. Kids don’t have any taste anyway.