I May Have to Move

Last year, I announced on this site that I am so disconnected with America that I do not consider myself an American.

I still stand by that. In a land where about 50% of the voting population thought Donald Trump was a reasonable choice for president, well that is too high of a percentage for me to understand. I don’t necessarily want to move out of the country per se because there is still a strong resistance to him and this ridiculously insulting idea that someone who has never held office gets to be president.

Well, I may have to leave now.

Ever since the Golden Globes aired on Sunday, Oprah Winfrey is now being hypothesized by the media that she may make a run for president in 2020.


When has the Democratic Party substituted reason for madness?

Is the only way to beat an arrogant billionaire megalomaniac is to run another arrogant billionaire megalomaniac against him? I mean they are more similar than they are different. For example, both advertise giving to charities for simple PR (how are the schools in Africa going Oprah? Yeah…..not too well huh), both pander to their adoring fans in order for instant gratification, both use their standing to peddle pop culture ideas to frame them as ‘intellectuals’, but most importantly……

Both have never spent one iota of time in the government, therefore completely unqualified!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only person in America that takes this job seriously? I mean what other important job out there requires zero experience. ZERO!!! And this is the most important job of all!

What is her stance on the Afghanistan War? Does she want to pull out the troops? How so? How about the crisis in the Middle East? Has she ever dealt with military brass before? What should our military presence be there? How about our trade agreements with Europe? What are her thoughts on our relationship with China from an economic perspective and global influence perspective? How do you handle that nut in North Korea? There is also global warming, what kind of investments who she make into addressing that one?

Oh yeah, there are domestic issues as well. Wage gaps, higher paying jobs, gun control, racial turmoil, etc. Too much to mention here.

Doesn’t this sound like a job that you would want someone who knows something to hold? Of course!!! When did this nation get the idea that anyone can be president, regardless of experience? Oh, if you are famous, you are qualified. Does that make sense to you at all?

This entire rhetoric surrounding Oprah absolutely sickens me to my core. None of this should be deemed as serious news, yet for some reason it is. A serious push for her to be president would be like my own party, the people I have relied on to be reasonable and sane through this monstrosity, stab me in the back with their own brand of idiocy. Sure, she is ‘better’ than Trump but so what? That is like being the world’s tallest midget. This in itself does NOT make you qualified in any way to lead a country of 400 million.

If this actually starts becoming a reality, well, I am done. I have no connection at all with ~100% of this country and I may have to go. I just hope I can still watch football wherever I end up.