National Scotch Day

Yes!! Today is National Scotch Day. And to prove I did not make this up, look at the graphic I have up top:

That is today!!!!

So naturally in my excitement about learning of this day, I quickly turned to my Google and searched out places which may give some deals or have some interesting events that involve this most prestigious of days.


None at all.

In classic stereotypical fashion, the Scots are not granting us a deal.

The only thing I found on the Google was an advertisement for a local Scottish tavern. No deal. No event. Nothing. All this site referenced is that it is National Scotch Day and this tavern exists. In other words, it was an advertisement.

So this leads me to think… this really a ‘day’?

I mean I know this is not something completely made up; I see this day announced all over the internet. However, it really doesn’t have much fanfare outside the idea that if you Google ‘National Scotch Day’, you simply get that it exists.

So now this leads me to think about these ‘days’ in general. It seems like there are more of these ‘days’ now more than ever; Pi Day, World Whiskey Day (which was last month, oddly enough), Talk Like a Pirate Day (which is a real thing). etc. I wonder if these days really only exist due to social media. I mean no one knew when Talk Like a Pirate Day was 30 years ago. Honestly, I bet that day didn’t even exist, and if it did, no one knew about it. But now all of these ‘days’ can be advertised and be ‘celebrated’ by more people.

In other words, I think all of these occasions are really just social media fabrications that have no real merit. Yeah, we say holidays like Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day are sort of made-up, and they are (St Valentine and St Patrick are really not that important), but this new onrush of special days are very silly. I know that is the intent in many ways (Talk Like a Pirate Day…..yeahhhhh), but I think all of these days are not real and not to be celebrated.

Except National Scotch Day. I like that day. In fact, I feel all days are National Scotch day. Have a dram with me tonight.