Late to the Party...Once Again

Do you ever have friends or family nag you about seeing some new show that they ensure that you will love? I mean they know you so well and your taste, you just have to see this awesome new show that is right down your alley.

Yeah, whatever. You simply cannot act on every suggestion. If you did, you would be spending all of your time watching TV and not doing more active things like, uh, riding a bike or….er….making a tire swing….or whatever people do when not watching TV.

Anyway, I typically go by the 3 independent suggestions rule: if 3 people/critics recommend the show are are completely unrelated, I’ll give it show.

Well, I did not obey my code for this one show….Silicon Valley.

And boy was I wrong.

This is the smartest, most entertaining, and funniest show on current TV. I have resisted this show for no particular good reason. I mean Mike Judge is the creator, and we all know how immensely talented he is. And it is on a subject that I am reluctantly involved in; computers and computer-like lifestyles (aka nerd stuff). So why did it take so long for me to watch this show?

I don’t know.

That’s it. I really do not know. Maybe I wasn’t quite ready for another show about nerd culture ever since Big Bang Theory burned bridges with me. Maybe I was just being my recalcitrant self and just thwarted watching for too long. Or maybe I was working on some really serious work-related stuff (no it wasn’t that).

Anyway, I am going to be one of those annoying friends of yours and say that if you are between the ages of 20-45, involved in the tech world, and have a sense of humor, you have to watch this show.

Please, do not be like former me and not watch it.