Space Affirmative Action

Nerds from all parts of galaxy are gathering en masse tonight at 12:00pm to see the latest installment of the Star Wars saga. Rogue One. This one is set in between that gap of time between episode 3 and episode 4. Apparently whomever is creating a new movie for this franchise cannot help but bounce around time and simply cannot develop a story from time n to time n+1. It is almost like the makers are always trying to pick up the pieces from episodes past and are in the habit of over-explaining details we need not know.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this.

As we can see, the protagonist is once again a female. Also from the cast, we can see the faces look like a Mock UN meeting. So how did this sudden space integration happen?

In episodes 1-6, pretty much all the humans were white. Sure, there was slick-talking Lando trying to sell Leia some Colt-45 at Bespin and Mace Windu was a bad-ass Jedi (who died in ep 3), but multi-cultural was the galaxy not. then in ep 7, all of the sudden there is a black stormtrooper. Huh? I thought all stormtroopers were clones of Jango Fett? I guess the cloning was phased out, but how in the world is the main defector of the stormtrooper army just happens to be black? It has been established that there are only two black people in the entire galaxy, and one of them died.

In episodes 4-6, there were hardly any women in the galaxy. You had Leia, Aunt Beru (who died in like the 5th scene), some dancing girl Twi’laks in Jabba’s palace, and that was about it. There were more guys in rubber masks at Mos Eisley than there were women.

In episodes 1-3, there was Padme, there was Ani’s mother (who was in like 3 scenes), and that was about it. Once again, the galaxy from a long time ago had a shortage of women.

So why all of the sudden are there women leading every rebel plan? Where did this come from? This is nowhere consistent with the happenings of episodes 1-6. Yes, Leia played a big part and Padme was a Senator, but they were not leading the brigade against the Empire. That was a man’s job!!!

It is like when Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars, they made sure to go out of their way to cast in a manner such that all ultra-left extremists that care about such things are satisfied. Maybe by doing this, Disney feels they are making amends for the ‘sins’ of Lucas and co.

But I am not sure I am ready for another lead female Star Wars hero. After seeing the trite and bland character of Rey in Ep 7 (not all her fault, the storyline was as inconsistent with the previous Star Wars movies as it was derivative), I don’t think I can handle ANOTHER female lead. Give me back my Luke. Give me back my Han. Give me back my Obi-Wan. And to a lesser extent, give me back my Qui-Gon. Yeah, that is maybe old school, but if this school prevents such vapid and forced characters like Rey and whoever that girl is in the picture, I prefer the nice comfy confines of my elder school.