I Feel the Need for.....Not Watching this Movie

The other day Tom Cruise confirmed that yes……….there will be a Top Gun 2.

First off, do we really need another sequel to a movie that was made over 30 years ago? How often does a sequel work with a movie made 10+ years ago?

Mad Max.

That’s it.

Secondly, Top Gun is one of the stupidest movies ever made. I don’t care what type of nostalgia is has for some people, or how intentionally campy it was intended to be (even though I don’t believe that), it is a stupid movie that should be laid to rest.

I remember how excited I was before seeing it when I was a kid; the first movie about volleyball made pretty much ever. I felt it was about time Hollywood addressed this lack of v-ball films in their catalog. And with such star power as Val Kilmer, Kelly McGillis, Tom Cruise, and that guy who played Goose, there was no way this was going to suck.

Then I remember the opening scene; what the hell are all of these planes doing here? Where is the volleyball? Granted, they got to the beach soon and had some epic volleyball scenes. But then, all of the sudden, more planes!

I knew beforehand this was about volleyball players who were in the Navy, so I maybe expected some boats in there somewhere. But planes? This movie made absolutely no sense at all.

I just hope that Top Gun 2 will be more loyal to their volleyball roots. Sure, 90 minutes of bumping, setting, and spiking on a beach with dudes with no shirts may lack for some variety. But that is way better than 30 minutes of volleyball followed by all sorts of plane shit. Hopefully someone with a greater vision about the intended theme of the Top Gun franchise will rise up and steer this Tom Cruise vehicle the right way.

Lord knows Tony Scott can’t do it.

Too soon?