I Want My TV

I swear I need my TV back.

There are soooooo many shows that have been leaving me hanging for over a year.


Let’s list these shows that are leaving me high and dry:

  • Game of Thrones: The show that is leaving everyone hanging. HBO has been sitting on this egg for over 1.5 years waiting for it to hatch. Since the show is now past the book, and we all know GRR Martin is not getting off his fat ass soon to finish what he started, we need HBO to get back to this!

  • Stranger Things: They better start wrapping this gem up soon or else those kids are going to being pursuing shadow monsters in college. The show is great, but let’s up the production time a bit, huh?

  • The Expanse: Now I’m still on season 2, but once Amazon gets out season 4, that means season 3 will be free! So hop to it!

  • Dark: This German show that is a mix between Lost and Stranger Things is so good, yet so incomplete because….well…..there is only one season! I thought the Germans were known for their industriousness. Wish they were this lazy in the 1930’s.

  • Mindhunter: This FBI show about the origins of how serial killers were profiled is very good, yet seems so missing. Hmmmm, wonder why. Maybe because like Dark this is on;y one season!!! Damn, you tell a good story, let’s start continuing it before I forget everything that happened.

  • Better Call Saul: I know season 3 just ended, but it is so good, I just want more now.

So you see, there is a rich list of TV shows that need to get their act together and force me to not leave my house.