Whiskey Showdown Time!

Over the past weekend, I was in Nashville for a Whiskeyfest. So what is a Whiskeyfest? Well, simply put, it is a fest where you pay a lot of money to try as many high end whiskies as possible.

At this particular fest, there were about 60 vendors with about 5-6 expressions a pop. So about 300+ whiskies were available to taste. So as any smart red-blooded whiskey connoisseur would do, I just went to as many vendors as I could and asked for the more expensive thing that got.

After about 40 tastes, I discovered something: I really really really like whiskey.

So this inspired me to do this:

The Great Whiskey Showdown (Part I)!!!!!!

  • 36 whiskies!

  • Grouped in 3 conferences: American, Scotland, and Other

  • Each conference with 4 divisions:

  • American: Bourbon, Barrel Strength, American non-Bourbon, and Rye

  • Scotland: Highlands, Islay, Other, and Cask Strength

  • Other: Irish, Japanese, Blends, and Local

So the obvious question is, ‘Is there a bracket?’.

Well of course!!!

But it is too hard to post it on here…..too….many…whiskies (it looks too small on here).

But here are the contestants (in no particular order, well, alphabetical I guess):

American: Blanton’s, Bookers, Elijah Craig, Henry McKenna, High West, Michter’s, Rittenhouse, Sazerac, Stagg Jr, Stranahan’s, Westland, Wild Turkey

Scotland: Aberlour, Ardbeg, Auchentoshan, Balvenie, Benromach, Bruichladdich, Glenlivet, Lagavulin, Laphroaig, Macallan, Springbank, Talisker

Other: 2Bar, Compass Box, Copperworks, Green Spot, Hakushu, Hibiki, Johnnie Walker, Nikka, Oola, Redbreast, Teeling, Yamazaki

After about 4 weeks, there will be an overall champion!

So how to partake in this? Well, just ask me and you are in!!! There are a few rules that need to be abided, but they are simple. I am one who wants to share his whiskey and share the joy of this fine elixir.