It's Written in the Stars

Whenever I am lost and am needing of sound advice, I relax, cock my head, and look towards the stars.

This past Sunday, I was in one of those state of confusions. ‘What is going on in this country?’, ‘Why are we so divided in this nation?’, ‘Who do I believe in this world filled with fake news?’, ‘Why does my dog keep prying into my protein powder?’, ‘Is there a God?’, ‘Really, why does my dog go out of her way to take down my tub-o-tein, unscrew the lid off with…I have no idea what…..and spill the powder on the floor? I mean she doesn’t even like the taste!! What a jerk move! And she does it whenever she can. I mean really….oh yeah, is there a God?’ etc.

Well, lucky for me, in my helpless state of confusion, this past Sunday I could look towards the stars for answers; the 1,203rd Academy Awards were on.

Ah yes. Whenever our country is in a state of existential shock, we turn to our leaders in ethos to fix our confounded moral compass; movie stars. There is not a more grounded, intelligent, experienced, and relatable group of people on this planet than folks like Meryl Streep, Matt Damon, and Carrot Top.

The 1,203rd Academy Awards did not disappoint in its endeavor for delivering a completely non-partisan, rational, and oh-so-not pretentious opinion about our nation’s politics. And their take? Apparently Hollywood celebrities do not like Trump.

Phew! I, as many other people in this country, steeped in the quagmire of their own conflicting thoughts, had no idea what to think about the current political climate. Now I know what to think; do not like Trump. Got it.

And it is about time our modern-day oracles rise up and preach to the masses. I know how busy our celebrities can be; making movies, doing voice-over work at home, posing for a photo-op with a hungry child, etc. I am just so thankful these people still have the time to read the news, formulate the correct opinion on such matters, and then humble themselves by relating it to the common folk.

Thank you Hollywood. For without you and your wisdom, I would not know what I should think. No one lives a more down-to-earth lifestyle than you, and I thank you for your insight.

Now, about my dog, what do you have to say about that Casey Affleck?