You're a Phony

I feel I am a good judge of character. For example, I thought that Bill Cosby guy seemed a bit rape-y when I first saw him on ‘I Spy’. When I saw run for the 49ers, obviously a serial killer. And of course the first time I saw Justin Bieber in concert I knew he would be the voice of a generation.

So I feel you should trust me when I say……..

Jennifer Lawrence is a big fat phony!

Yes, I said it. That Jennifer Lawrence. Katniss Everdeen, the annoying drug girl from Silver Linings, that awful movie Joy, that’s the Jennifer Lawrence I am referring to here.

Every interview I see with her, she has this ‘aw gee whiz’ approach that is supposed to make her seem down to earth and grounded. Well J-Law, I am on to your chicanery. You will not or cannot fool me and my army of supporters. When she tripped at the Oscars, it was so staged. I mean look at it:

You can tell there was a wry smile on her face. Everyone thought it was so funny and sh eis just a simple girl who has been recently thurst into the limelight. Look how clumsily charming she is….. LIES!!

All these Hollywood stars are so detacted from the real world. How can they not be? Everyone just panders to them, they have more money than God, and they are rarely called out on their shit. J-Law had a part on TV by the age of 17. She was in a feature film by 20. How can she be such a girl-next-door when she was successful before even graduating high school?

I call shenanigans!

I would not be surprised in a year she will be caught in the corner of the Viper Room, drunk and bending spoons. Or maybe smoking crack with Kaley Cuoco while watching a snuff film. Or even worse, star in another David O Russell movie.

Reagardless of her fate, whatever the future has in store for her and her overrated career, all I know is that Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, born August 15, 1990, is a big fat phony!!