Creep Show

Welcome to Jerry Sandusky’s favorite time of year. Yes, the national holiday for NAMBLA members; the Little League World Series.

Ah yeah, the time of year when grown men quit their job to follow their preteen to countless little league qualifiers, overzealous fathers live vicariously through their son who can’t catch or hit, and when moms finally realize the man they married is a complete loser.

The thing that strikes me as the most stupid thing about this entire event, besides the the fact these kids are not good at baseball because….well…they are kids and kids suck at everything, is that ESPN advertises it as ‘all that is good about sports’, as if there was a purity about this event.

All that is good? If by ‘all that is good’ refers to adults behaving like idiots and kids crying after they fuck up a routine grounder as mom hides her face in shame, then OK. If by ‘all that is good’ refers to the exploitation of young kids and the potential of ruining their psyche during these formative years, then I agree…sort of.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the Little League World Series; letting kids fart around on the diamond is not such a bad thing. But to broadcast it and frame it as something of great importance is not just irresponsible, but really really stupid. If I wanted to watch bad baseball, I’ll just watch the Dbacks play the Rockies. If I wanted to watch blatant profiteering of players while onlookers behave badly, I’ll just watch an SEC football game. If I wanted to watch something that creeps me out and makes me feel uneasy about the sports world and ESPN, well, I guess this is the thing to see.

So there is a use for the Little League World Series after all…..