Occam's Razor

Have you ever over thought something? Whether it is a decision between Sprite and Sierra Mist or performing an analysis on the potential positive effects of reading Seattlespew, sometimes we muse about the pros and cons for hours until our mind enters a thought spiral and we just get stuck. Many times this form of mental masturbation is so unnecessary; the simple and most obvious answer is often the correct one. Of course Sprite is better! Of course you should read the Spew every day!

This happens all the time on ESPN.

The NBA playoffs have been beaten down to death with analysis from pompous talking heads. I have heard analysis strictly based on the strategy and details of the game: Cleveland is committing too much on the strong side of the ball when Curry/Thompson is there, the rotations are scattered, their pick and roll offense not spaced well, Golden St is varying their doubles on LeBron (on the dribble, from the backside, etc) and confusing him, etc. I have heard analysis strictly about the mental: Cleveland gave up, they are not playing hard, they don’t want it enough, etc. Both may have some merit, but in reality it is just men protecting their predictions and blaming the other teams for their misdiagnosis.

So here is my analysis:

Golden State is just better. Done.

They have better players, they play better together as a unit, they will win this thing in 5.

This series is not about subtle in-game adjustments or desire. This is about a team that won 73 games over a team that won 57 in a weaker conference. This is about a team beating another easy in their two games. This is about a team that plays small ball waaaaaay better than the other. Period. The only reason why the Warriors looked iffy was because OKC is so long and athletic, their D posed a few issues. Cleveland can’t duplicate that. All the Cavs can do is sit back and enjoy being the Eastern Conference champion; tantamount to being the world’s tallest midget.

Cleveland’s only chance is if somehow the entire Golden St roster bumped their head, got amnesia, forgot how to play basketball, and did not hit in the head again to re-remember their skills. The chances of that: 1 in 10^10^10.

So stop with the over-analysis, stop with the blame game, stop with the predictions. Golden St is just better. Time to watch some hockey.