Star-Spangled Manners

Colin Kaepernick is a douche bag.

And it has nothing to do with him sitting during the National Anthem.

Before I get into the background of this guy, let me be clear; I don’t care if he stands or sits during the anthem. I personally think it should not be played before every single sporting event. It can be seen two ways: the overplaying of the anthem cheapens the deeper meaning of it or can be seen as a poorly constructed song with odd tonal leaps and phrasing that makes it hard to sing and feels unnecessary to play before every…single….game. In fact if he sat during the anthem for any of those two reasons I would be more on his side.

But alas it is not.

I know some people are latching onto his ‘stand’ (ironic pun intended) as he is some sort of leader or brave soul who is trudging into dangerous ground. But let’s look at some of his history first:

  • Adopted by a white family at the age of zero, his mother (who he knows) is white and his dad (who ditched out and never returned) is black. I’ll let that ironic factoid marinate for a bit.

  • He burst on the scene with a fantastic game vs Boise St, single-handedly beating the 3rd rank team in the nation at their home. He later parlayed that performance by getting drafted in the second round.

  • After an injury to Alex Smith, Kaepernick stepped up during MNF versus the Bears and crushed them 32-7 with a 133.1 passer rating (which is amazingly good). He led them to a Super Bowl appearance later that year where he played well.

  • The next season, he again led them to the playoffs, but was stopped by the Seahawks with a late game interception caused by the immortal tip by Richard Sherman to Malcolm Smith.

After that Kaepernick’s career spiraled down.

  • After signing a huge contract with the 49ers, he has his worst season ever a pro. He looked lost out there, never developed, and clearly never learned anything about the QB position. The 49er’s did not make the playoffs, their coach was fired, and by all accounts Kaep lost the respect of all his teammates.

  • This following season was even worse. Reports came out of the Bay Area that Kaepernick was a pariah in the locker room and never talked to any of his teammates or coaches. This prompted not only a tremendous fall of play on the field, he was benched for journeyman Blaine Gabbert for the rest of the season.

  • This season he refused to report to camp and demanded a trade. This did not happen. So he went ‘Pout Mode’ and has hardly played in the preseason.

  • Oh yeah, in 2014 he had a sexual assault charge in Miami that was dropped. You can read about that here.

So what is the point of this history? Well, it shows to me a man who fell from grace, handled it poorly, feels insignificant, and wants to rebrand himself to deflect attention to fact that he reads defenses like a 4th grader trying to read ‘Ulysses’.

You may disagree and that is fine. I just find his sudden motivation towards the rights of minorities oddly timed with his career. He stood for the anthem every time before and never offered any voice to the matter of minority rights until he lost all his endorsement deals.

Granted, being in Seattle I am a bit biased. We here never liked this guy at all and loved it every time he paid a visit to the Clink were we absolutely demoralized him. In a sense we will miss him around here; his mental weakness showed every time the 12’s rocked his snap count. Couple that with the fact he never figured out our D (just throw it to the TE on a seam route Colin! We play Cover-3 every damn 3rd and long. It is what 30 other teams do against us. Why can’t you see that?) and you have a man that is always welcome at the Clink.

If you believe in his self-proclaimed message, may I suggest follow the leads of such people like John Lewis, Al Sharpton, Maya Wiley, or countless others that have experience, expertise, and far more perspective on these matters than this self-promoter.

Of course athletes are allowed to have opinions and Colin has every right to voice them, but just remember the Kaep is about as qualified to lead a racial movement as Trump is to leading our nation.