LA-LA Lame

I like LA. It has great weather, Hollywood is right here, beautiful people are everywhere, and it is not too pricey.

However, as with all cities, LA is not perfect. Its big and gaudy, spread out, prone to earthquakes, pretentious, etc. But LA has a huge flaw that trumps all the traffic jams and smog.

They do not care about pro football. They simply don’t. And this doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

For 15 years, the NFL has been begging to get back into LA after the Rams hightailed it to St Louis. In 1999, the NFL pleaded with LA to build any reasonable stadium, but instead Houston stepped up. 15 years later, crickets until Stan Kroenke, a man who has more money than God and no ties to LA, decides to flip the bill on the stadium and move to LA.

So in other words it took an outsider , and constant NFL interference, to pave the way for the NFL to be back in LA.

And no one is going.

Listen to this: USC, a college team, played an unranked team on Saturday. The LA Rams, second year in LA, and the LA Chargers, first year in LA, both played home games on Sunday. USC outdrew the Rams and the Chargers COMBINED!!!! What the hell is that all about? So much for the new-team smell.

I know people will make the excuse that the Rams are playing in a loaner stadium, and the Chargers are in an even worse situation by playing in a soccer arena. But that is just an excuse. Sure, those are not NFL-esque stadiums, but this is an NFL game!! These games rule Sunday in America, why can’t this town at least pretend they are a part of this country? Also, USC plays in the same crappy stadium as the Rams.

Yeah, yeah. The Rams and the Chargers are not the best teams in the NFL. But c’mon, these are new teams to the area. I know damn well if the Sonics ever come back here, those tickets would sell out for at least 5 years, even if they play in the alley near MLK drive and are 10-72. And Seattle is 1/5 the size of LA.

So LA, time to step up your game. You have the movie industry, you have Showtime NBA (or at least used to), you have the best team in baseball. Now it is time to get some interest in the main event. Or else you may lose the Chargers to San Antonio and the Rams to St Louis…again!!!