If You Can Beat'em, Join'em Anyway

Yes, I know we are in the middle of the NFL season and at the precipice of the MLB playoffs, but we have plenty of time to discuss those things as the weeks wane on.

But this week I was reminded what a pathetic excuse the NBA is for a league when I saw LeBron wearing a Lakers uniform.

I mean how can such a poorly run franchise, one that is given every benefit by the league monetarily and exposure-wise by the way, just happen to land the best player int he league?

I mean it is not like the Lakers did anything to deserve LeBron. They haven’t drafted well. They have had a recent history of very bad management. They are so far from being relevant, why would anyone go there? The only reason why is their birthright; they are the Lakers and you are not.

This is the type of stuff that kills a league. I mean the NBA has 30 teams…..how many are relevant? Scratch that……….how many even have a shot at being relevant ever?

The reality is that there are only about 10 teams out of 30 that ever have a shot at being competitive, unless one of those other 20 teams get the luckiest break ever (see: Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio circa 1997 when David Robinson got hurt and the Spurs just happen to land the first pick of Tim Duncan).

Take the Denver Nuggets……they will never be good. And they are not bad because of bad management. It is because they are in Denver. You see, the NVA is a place where players control the entire game. And players like urban settings. Denver, unless you happen to have a 1 in a 1,000,000,000 player come out of your city (see: LeBron and Cleveland), you are out.

Throw in Minnesota, Portland, Utah, Sacramento, Milwaukee, Phoenix, hell, just throw them all in except the big cities.

I know some of those cities have been good. I mean Utah had some great teams and Portland won a title in 1977. But this is a new day; a day where the players are in command of all the movable pieces. And the result: is what you see today.

Now some people like this. Give the power to the players and let the rise of the proletariat begin! But beware, this will render an already struggling regional market into one where only a few teams are ever competitive.

Why is the NFL so great? Because the Indianapolis Colts can compete. Because the Jaguars are now good. Think that could ever happen in the NBA right now?

LeBron a Laker…..shit.