New York State of Mind

So tonight is the opening game of the World Series, Game 1 in Chavez Ravine; Dodgers vs Astros.


Actually I sort of am. I like the fact that the best two teams all season in their respective leagues get to play in the finals; the way it should be every season. I mean you play 162 of these things, you would think that would be enough to determine at least the best two teams. But too often one of those two best regular season teams stub their toe and not make the finale. So yes, this season things ended up the way they should.

Or did it…………

According to many media folks, even though the Astros had the better overall season, the New York Yankees would have been a more desired matchup. Why is that? Well, you would have the traditional baseball powers duking it out as well as engaging the two biggest cities in America. So who else agrees with this? Probably the Fox Network (the broadcasters of the World Series), Rob Manfred (the commissioner), and pretty much all of the MLB.

Hmmm, what a pickle we are in. On one side, we have the Astros and Dodgers; two very fitting teams for the fall classic. On the other, we have the Yankees, a wild card team completely undeserving for a World Series bid due to the fact they can’t even win their own division but it is the team that everyone wants in the finals. What to do……what to do……

Well, I have a solution; let the winner of the World Series play the Yankees in what we will call the ‘For Reals World Series’.

In fact this is something that should be done every season. This will guarantee the most deserving team will be in the finals and the team that the media cares about both get a seat at the table. I mean who is MLB to deny the East Coast media what they really want? I mean those New Yorkers can’t even locate Houston on a map, why do we have to suffer through a series that does NOT have the Yankees?

Also, we have to make sure all the games are played at the proper New York time. What is the deal with these late starts? 7:30? 8? That means those kids in New York may have to stay up to 10 or later to see the winner. We simply cannot have that. Let’s start all games at 5:00 NYT so all those people in New York are satisfied.

Finally, I say after the ‘For Reals World Series’ concludes, we just give the trophy to the Yankees regardless. I mean we simply cannot risk a situation where the Yankees are deemed inferior. The Yanks have to have this title or else all of baseball will suffer. I mean what would happen if the East Coast media has to talk about another team outside their time zone? You cannot expect any person on ESPN to actually learn about the other teams in the league. I mean isn’t the Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets enough? Well, maybe the Cubs are a nice story for one season, but what about the Yankees? They weren’t even mentioned once in the 2016 World Series. Criminal.

Even though I am pretty interested in this year’s World Series, there is no question that if the Yankees are not the de facto victors, there really isn’t any purpose in any of these games. This may be the final season of Major League Baseball as we know it before it dissolves into a bunch of regional splinter groups, playing exhibition games for donations at the door. Yes, I may be the only person in America that will actually watch these games not missing the Yankees at all. Too bad, because I think this could be a really fun series.