Super Bowl Disgust

I have seen every Super Bowl since 1981. And I’ll probably watch this one as well. But this one makes me the most disgusted out of the previous 35+ I’ve seen.


Well, first off is there anything more unlikable than a Boston fan. They are simply the most wretched people on Earth. To see that group experience any level of happiness makes the world a worse place.

Secondly, seeing the same team go back to the Super Bowl over and over again is just a case of the rich getting richer. Maybe if you are a true capitalist you like seeing people with money and power get even more, then you like this. But if you are a normal person who has a bit of compassion for others, you would like to see others happy as well.

Finally, there is not a more overrated person in sports than Sean McVay. Yes, he is a good coach. But he is no genius at all. ‘Stretch run right’, ‘stretch left’, ‘stretch play action’ is not the Grand Unification Theorem. I have never a man get more credit for everything he does than this doucher. I mean there was a time when the Rams punted and Aikman sung the praises of the decision. Let’s see what happens when the Rams cannot sign all of their o-line back.

Anyway, this is one disgusting Super Bowl for sure. The most dislikable teams in all of sports vs the other most dislikable team.

So what is my prediction? Who gives a care? Let’s just hope this is all over soon so we can have a better tomorrow.