Just Give Him to the Lakers

When David Stern said pubically that the most ideal NBA Finals is the Lakers vs the Lakers, that gave us a window on how the NBA views their product.

Remember when the NBA changed the playoff series format of the first round from 5 to 7 games for 2003

Who cares about the Bucks? Who cares about the Pelicans? The only teams that matter are big market superteams. I mean how do you think the Lakers got Kareem, Magic, Shaq, and James Worthy? Sure you can trace back the reasons, but don’t you think the NBA had something to do with the Lakers getting this talent and draft picks? How about the fact that the Lakers in 2002 beat the Sacramento Kings after being down 20+ in the 4th quarter and one of the refs was convicted felon Tim Donaghy who was proven to fix games that he bet on!!!

I still have no idea how this scandal went so ignored. It should have brought down the league. Anyway………

So I say just let the Lakers get Zion. I mean it won’t mean they win a title, but it is the only way the NBA feels it can survive. I mean remember when Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, and Kobe (oh yeah, he may have raped someone….remember that?) made a super team only to flunk out? Now Lebron goes to the Lakers and they still suck. Just give them Zion so we can talk about them more.

Forget about winning. Forget about competition. Just get headlines. Who cares? Let’s make this a 30 team league where only 3 teams matter; the Lakers, the Knicks, and the Warriors (for now). Even if the Nuggets and Bucks are 2 of the 3 best NBA teams, it doesn’t matter.

Just give Zion to the Lakers. Let’s fix the entire thing. I mean they have been for 50+ years.