You Make Sense of It

Baseball is weird. In fact baseball is probably the weirdest ball game of them all (the weirdest game is Backgammon; a game no one knows the rules to).

You may say ‘well, look at the NFL. You have: one of the best rosters in the NFL who cannot block (Seattle), one of the best defenses who cannot close out a game (Denver), and a team who drafted all skill positions who cannot score (Cincinnati). That is pretty weird.’.

Yes, my friend. That is weird. But explain this to me:

  • The Dodgers, a team that was undefeated for most of the season, has lost 11 in a row and 17 out of 18

  • The Diamondbacks were one of the worst teams in league history last year, now they have the second best record in the NL

  • The Indians have won 19 straight and may never lose again

  • The Cardinals, a seller at the trade deadline, is 2 games behind the most talented roster in all of baseball

  • The Padres have yet been demoted to AA

  • After all that puritanical outcry of the early 2000’s, no one cares about if Giancarlo Stanton is on steroids

  • The only ball game where the defense controls the ball

  • The Marlins have two World Series banners; more than 25 other teams since 1970

  • They play 162 games yet a champion is decided in less than 20.

  • The managers wear a uniform with a number on it

This game makes no sense at all. None of it. It is like just a bunch of random events happen, someone has more runs, and then you go home. Oh yeah, and all of this is happening while the head coach/manager wearing a uniform. With a number on it. And his name on the back.

So who will win the World Series? Shit if I know. The Astros? The Rockies? The Cubs? All I know is that you don’t know. Maybe that’s why we watch, because we have no idea who the ‘best team’ is even after 162 games. Or maybe the World Series champion is as legit as the Rock-Paper-Scissors title holder. Anyway, baseball is a strange game.

With managers.

Wearing uniforms.

With a number and name on the back.