Brady's Bunch of Deplorables

Well, it is the first Tuesday after the first Monday on a Leap Year, so you what it is….YES!! It is Election Week here at the Spew, so you can imagine this week we are focusing on all things….election-y. And as a reminder, go vote!! Unless you are voting for things I disagree with , then don’t vote!!

As we can see from that picture, Tom Brady is a Trump supporter. I think we knew that before; we have seen him on the golf course with Trump, he has called him a friend, etc.

But this seals it…..a picture of one of those ridiculous hats in his locker.

Now I guess Brady is entitled to his opinion. But when you are a celebrity and you have profited so much off of the nation valuing you and deeming you worthy and famous, your allegiance to this guy is a public matter.

In other words, if Tom Brady was just some schmo who does not benefit from societal attention or if the masses care as much about football as they do bowling, well maybe an explanation is not in order. But he makes millions off of us the people. He owes one.

Now I am not one of those guys that thinks black athletes are as victimized as they claim. However I completely believe in this case race and the awe/fear the media have with Brady affects their questions and coverage (or lack thereof) in this matter.

For example, can you imagine if LeBron James vocally supported Farrakhan or if Cam Newton publicly said he would vote for a leader of the Black Panthers, that would be a huge story. Would they keep all of their advertising dollars? Are they as marketable? Would the media swarm them about these controversial stances? I am not sure how much their reputation would be damaged, but I would bet dimes to dollars this would be a much bigger media issue than the one made of Brady.

I mean look at Colin Kaepernick, all he is doing is performing a silent protest about the treatment of minorities during the national anthem and the media went ape shit. Brady is supporting a blatant racist and misogynist and not one media member has the courage to confront him on this.

East coast bias? Racial bias? Maybe a bit of both. But I am sure Brady idolization will not be tarnished, despite leaving his long-time girlfriend while pregnant to date a supermodel, despite constantly berating his players on the sideline, and despite this.