Who Belongs?

This past weekend the NCAA decided who is going to play in their little Final Four version for football.

Apparently 3 teams are automatically in; Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame. Why those 3 teams? Well, all of them are undefeated and are in big conferences.

So what about UCF? They are undefeated.

Well, they are not in a big conference. But wait!! Notre Dame isn’t in a conference at all!

Uhhhhhhh, be that as it may…………

The question the media had was which 1 loss team is the most deserving; Oklahoma, Ohio St, and Georgia.

Hey!! Georgia lost 2. And there are tons of teams that lost 2 games.


The argument was which one of those 3 teams (Oklahoma, Ohio St, Georgia) gets the fourth spot. And as you can see from the title graphic, Oklahoma made it.

Personally, I don’t think there was much of a debate.

The argument for Ohio St is that they beat Michigan by a lot and won the Big 10. Well, the Big 10 sucks and Ohio St lost to Purde by 30 points. Purdue sucks. So let’s move on.

The argument for Georgia is that they are clearly one of the 4 best teams because they lost to Alabama. OOOOOKKKKKK…….. But no, wait! They barely lost to Alabama, which means Georgia is actually really good.

Well, if that is the argument, I have a problem with it. Check this out:

  1. If you believe that Georgia is deserving, that means you think Alabama is so much better than everyone else, a close loss is sort of like a win.

  2. The NCAA finals is about determining who is the best team.

So my question is why even have a Final 4 if you think Alabama is so much better? Let’s just crown their ass and let these student athletes study for their finals.

I always love that argument of ‘well they really are one of the four best teams but they are in the wrong conference’. First off, results should mean something, so a loss is a loss. Secondly, Georgia has had their crack at Alabama and lost. None of those other 3 teams that made the 4 have had a shot. They deserve one. Finally, have you seen Notre Dame play? No one in their right mind thinks they are a National Title team, much less one of the 4 best teams. Why is there no argument for Georgia over ND?

Oh yeah, Notre Dame is Notre Dame. They get to be in because they are Notre Dame. That same circular logic used in their religious classes is being used to justify them in this Final Four.

But don’t worry, none of this really means anything. Alabama will play in the finals for the 3rd time in 4 years. Yay parody!! I hope the NCAA never allows the schools or boosters to pay players or else we may get an imbalance in talent for certain teams………….