Going Bowling

Finally….after all the mini-camps, after all the practices, after all the pre-season games, after 17 weeks of smashmouth football, and after 3 more weeks of grueling playoffs, we have the Bowl we have all been waiting for.

Yes, my friend, it is time to sit back, and enjoy the 2017 Pro Bowl!!!

This year in sunny Orlando Florida, the most recent version of this star-studded cast of football warriors will hopefully be the best. With names like ‘Cousins’, ‘Dalton’, and ‘Gordon’, who needs names like ‘Rodgers’, ‘Brady’, and ‘Bell’?

Every year I invite all my friends over, get the patented Spew Dip ready, don my Vince Young AFC Pro Bowl jersey, sit back, and let the game wash over me.

Despite none of my friends wanting to come over (sort of like my WNBA draft party), I always enjoy this game.

People always ask me ‘Hey you. Yeah you, the guy with the retarded Vince Young jersey you obviously made at home. Why do you like this game so much? Are you slow in the head?’.

Fair question.

The reason why I love the Pro Bowl so much is because there is nothing NOT to love about it.

The competition at it’s highest. The crowd at it’s loudest. The intensity at it’s most intenseityness. The skills on display are unparalleled and the non-skill on display is completely parallel. No blitzing? No problem. Unstoppable passing games? Exactly. This is football the way it was meant to be played when invented by Abner ‘Mr. Football’ Tripleday on a cold windy afternoon in Canton, Ohio.

Time to buckle up and hold on to your butts this Sunday! The stakes are high. The rivalry is deep. It is AFC vs NFC; the ultimate hatefest!

So what conference do YOU support?