Lesser of Two Evils

Last night was the NCAA football title game, and I was not sure who to root for: the godless dictator who yells profanity at anything and everyone when something doesn’t go his way or the god-filled dictator who forces Jesus down all his players throats makes them go to chapel on Sunday even though he coaches at a public school.

So I went with the dictator that yells at everyone; hey at least he isn’t that much of a hypocrite.

Sorry Alabama, looks like my 1-day allegiance didn’t really help too much, although it was a great game.

But not only was it a great game, I learned some things after:

  • There is no such thing as an unbeatable team. I kept hearing this narrative around Alabama this game, even musings about how they are the greatest team of all time (that moniker belongs to the 1995 Cornhuskers, look up that season if you remember). I would think the media would have learned their lesson after dubbing 2011 LSU, 2005 USC, and 2002 Miami unbeatable. You would even think Bama fan would know this due to the 1990 Sugar Bowl where their Gene Stallings-led Tide rolled the unbeatable Canes.

  • I am losing interest in college sports. Maybe it is due to the fact I am not in a college-driven town anymore or maybe because it is not as high of a level as the pros or maybe for some other reason. Regardless, I do not think I am alone. One minute after the game was over, ESPN released their ‘Too Early Top 25 for 2017’ rankings and saw various reports on Deshaun Watson’s draft status. So much for America to embrace the national title winner.

  • Alabama was estimated receiving 100+ million dollars in revenue for getting to this game. The Clemson coach received over 500K in bonuses for making this title run. Saban’s yearly salary is $7 million. Sweeney’s is over $5 mil. Not one player made a penny directly off this game. Feels a little weird, doesn’t it? I mean maybe not to Dabo. Maybe his WWJW mentality includes Jesus hoarding all the gold, myrrh, and frankincense from all of the college-aged kids in Bethlehem. But maybe you are one of those people who think the kids are receiving payment for their labors in other ways, aka tuition, books, food, etc. So here is a solution I heard today on the radio (credit Dan LeBatard); the kids are getting paid via classes and amenities, why not the coaches? So let Dabo take $500,000 worth of graduate classes, dorm room expenses, etc. Seems equitable to me.

Anyway, we have our new champion. Congrats Clemson, maybe this will bring notoriety and riches beyond your belief. Or maybe by Friday it will still remain that hardly anyone in America knows what state you are in.