You're Just Making This Up

We all know ESPN is an utter joke; brandishing yellow journalism all over the place in order to benefit their financial interests, claiming to be the ‘World Wide Leader in Sports’ and promoting themselves as a reputable news network all the while commercializing their entire network with sensationalized news that is NOT news while hiding behind that ‘E’ for ‘entertainment’.

Right now we are in a dry season in sports according to ESPN; despite being in the middle of the baseball season and with football is gearing up, ESPN has nothing to say or show because, well, there is no basketball.

As you may know, ESPN invested a hell of a ton of money in the NBA. So when it is not the NBA season? Well, instead of being a responsible sports news network and report on the MLB or the upcoming football season, ESPN decides to exaggerate all the NBA chatter and twitter rants as much as they can. So what happens when that runs dry?

Well, why not simply make up a version of the NBA, call it something stupid, and promote it like it is important.

In other words, buckle up for the TBT, or The Basketball Tournament (and yes, that is what TBT stands for): a month long basketball tournament where anyone can assemble a team, 72 get picked, they play a bunch of games, and the winning team gets $2 million.

Yes, it is that stupid and meaningless.

This is something no one is asking for, and no one really cares about. This is just casual street ball played by guys who flamed out of the NBA. Did anyone out there really think to themselves ‘I really need to see Josh Pace play again’.

So why does this nonsense exist? Well, enter ESPN. They have invested so much into basketball, why not make up various versions of this shit and show it on TV.

I mean ESPN is just like Las Vegas; they make up something, promote the hell out of it and try to assign artificial importance to it, and try to cash in.

Hmmmm, this actually sounds border line illegal. Isn’t this what bogus stock brokers do to sell junk bonds or what crooked real estate agents like Trump do; inflate cost, cash out, and let everyone else pick up the pieces?

Yeah ESPN, instead of the progressive, forward thinkers you claim to be, you guys have turned into a bunch of two-bit hustlers who have the same business model as a Three-Card Monte scam. Keep investing in the TBT ESPN while the rest of us invest our time into better things……….like……….everything else in the world.