Tired Old Story

I was watching the national news the other day and one of the lead stories was the result of the Masters.

‘Tiger Woods finishes 32’.


That simply cannot be the story of the weekend. Tiger Woods finishing 32nd? Who cares?

I mean I know he used to be good and was the centerpiece for the PGA, upping ratings and purses to the highest point ever……….10 years ago.

Look, you and I both know golf sucks. I mean it is long, boring, pretentious, patently racist/sexist/classist, and bad for the environment. Yet despite all of those negatives, golf is the biggest money sport for individuals in America. I mean it is a miracle that we live in a society where people actually PAY other people to play golf. How can that be a source of income for anyone? Enjoying a recreational activity can become a multi-million dollar career? Anyway, what is further proof that golf sucks is that without Tiger Woods, the PGA is lost, and they know it. Any good sport doesn’t rely so heavily on one guy. I mean when Tom Brady retires, Derek Jeter left, even when Michael Jordan disappeared, all of the sports survived. Sure, there may be some minor dip in interest, but people always come back to the sports that are good.

He is a has-been. He is not good anymore. He is not the story. And the longer the media and the PGA keep hanging on to the lost fragments of his dominance, golf will be in a state of arrested development.

Of course covering this fat-ass pink piece of fuckin’ garbage probably will not help.

Note: if you don’t know why he is so hated, just read a little bit about Patrick Reed. You will not be disappointed.