Playoff Time!

Well, well, well…….it is that time again….NFL playoffs!!

So here is the bad news: 20 teams did not make the playoffs, so chances are your team failed to make it this fair. Sorry. :(

But here is the good news; out of the 12 teams in this thing this season, only 4 are old faces from last season. So that means 8, or 66% of the playoff teams, did not make it last year. Is this an anomaly? Sort of. The last time this many new teams made it: 2013. So only 4 years ago. Also last season, 6 of the 12 playoff teams were new.

The conclusion: there is not as much year-to-year carry over as we like to think.

So in other words…………your team, no matter how hopeless it feels right now, may make the playoffs next season. All you need to do is be smart in free agency, draft for a few holes, maybe get a new coach or coordinator, and hope for no huge injuries.

I mean look at the division winners in the NFC:

  1. Eagles: 7-9 in 2016 (after starting 3-0). 14-2 in 2017. Why? Their QB emerged, their second year coach grew into the job a bit, and no huge injuries on the defense.

  2. Vikings: 8-8 in 2016 (after starting 5-0). 13-3 in 2017. Why? Avoided the big injury on defense, made some smart signings on the O-line, and had a great year by their surprise QB.

  3. Rams: 4-12 in 2016. 11-5 in 2017. Why? New new, many smart free agent signings, and was the only team in the NFL to have their starting 5 o-line start every game this season.

  4. Saints: 7-9 in 2016. 11-5 in 2017. Why? Hit a lot on the draft, sured up their running game, and had a nice year from their D-coor Dennis Allen.

So there you go fans!! Maybe things are not so bad for 2018. Just sign a few good pieces for your scheme, draft for depth, get lucky with the injuries, and you too maybe will join the ranks of those aforementioned teams. Remember, those teams will not be great forever, maybe not even next season. So yes, you have a shot at it in 2018!!!

Well, unless you are the Cleveland Browns.