Are You Ready for Some.....Preseason?

One of the major topics throughout the last NFL season was the decline of ratings. An estimated ~8% decrease of overall TV ratings happened last regular season for the NFL (not including postseason). This pretty much sent all ad execs and owners to run amok and figure out why. Some speculated that the attention of the presidential election hurt, some thought the lack of quality play (which is all perception, not reality), others have referenced the fact some of the marquee matchups didn’t pan out (see Carolina, Arizona, Minnesota, etc), some even cited the protests such as kneeling before the anthem cost fanship (which has now since been diagnosed as the main culprit via mass surveys sent out by the league…..this deserves more space to talk about because that is so damn insane I can’t even wrap my head around it). Regardless, there was a slight dip in the ratings.

Apparently that doesn’t really matter.

Last Thursday the NFL played it annual Hall of Fame game; the opener for the NFL preseason. 8 million people watched the Cowboys and the Cardinals duke it out with their practice squads and chosen rookies.

Yes…..8 million people. At first I would think that this game would have about 8 viewers. I guess I was wrong 1,000,000 times over.

So let’s ask the question: is that truly a lot of people?

Well, let’s add some perspective:

  • This game easily won the night, topping such programs as Big Brother, The Gong Show, and Battle of the Network Stars. Kind of think of it, no wonder it won against that shit pile.

  • Even more amazing, this rating tops ALL MLB/NBA playoff games and select World Series/NBA Finals games. Say what?!?!?!

That, my friend, is insane! How can an exhibition game, played will all the second/third teamers draw a bigger piece of the pie than any postseason game in the MLB/NBA? And to beat out a finals game? Is this country insane?

This fact just reminds us how much the NFL dominates our sports culture. Just when you see articles that reference the drop in TV ratings, you sort of forget how amazing those ratings are in the first place. It’s like if Jeff Bezos lost a penny from his pocket; yes he may be poorer from that loss, but he literally has 100 trillion more pennies.

I mean it is their stupid damn PRESEASON!!! Who in the hell cares? How much do you have to dominate the other leagues? If Roger Goodell was taking a shit on-air live, would they expect better ratings than a Yankees/Dodgers World Series?

And even despite their dominance, the NFL owners are freaking out of about their lost ratings from last season. Some ratings lost due to protests? Kaepernick is blackballed (maybe). Presidential election interest? Well, that’s gone. Bad late season match-ups? Flex schedules. This is Jeff Bezos hunting down that lost penny. And you what? I bet they both find it.