God I hate All-Star games.

I hate them so much. So much so that I will not watch one second of it.

Anything that is deemed as an ‘exhibition’ is just a waste of time for me.

But you know what’s worse?

The Home Run Derby.

Oh my god!!! This thing is so stupid. All it is is just batting practice. And now ESPN is using this to promote Yankee players, because, well, ESPN is the laziest and most irresponsible network this side of Breibart.

But you know what’s even worse?

NBA Summer League.

Oh my god!!! This thing is even stupider. Can you believe the sports media is actually covering these games? Showing them on TV and commenting on them? And to see Lonzo Ball as the ringmaster of the entire operation is just simply insane. Sham eon you media!!

But you know what’s even worse?

Yes, even worse than an exhibition baseball game no one plays hard in. Even worse than batting practice on TV. And even worse than basketball games literally no one cares about.

The Espy’s.

OH MY GOD!!!! This thing is the worst idea in the history of sports. I mean award shows are already filled with self-congratulatory pretension and people who wear out them arms from patting themselves on the back all night. But at least there is some sort of prestige to some award shows, like the Oscars and the Emmys where all movies/shows are aiming for that prize and has a way of culminating the year for that genre. This thing, this Espy, is completely built on the fact there is nothing going on after the All-Star game (except Wimbledon) and to recruit stars from industries outside of sports in some weak attempt to entice non-sports people to watch. I hate everything the Espy’s represent. It is seriously the most unnecessary, pathetic display of entertainment I have ever seen. And I have actually watched ‘Joey’, season 1 (and only).

This is seriously the worst time of year to be a sports fan. I have nothing else. Good day!!!