Can You Please Turn the Channel?

So Larry Scott, the Pac-12 commissioner, gets a lot of heat from the public. When he was first introduced as the commish, he had all sorts of progressive thoughts; bringing in more teams to the Pac-10 (at the time), emphasizing all sports and not just football and basketball, and making a TV network dedicated to just the PAC. People loved these ideas and thought this was a step forward for the conference.

Ehhhhh, not so much.

Scott added two teams (Utah and Colorado) but far from the promise of bringing in Texas and Oklahoma, apparently no one cares about any college sport outside of basketball and football, and that Pac channel…….wow. Not even DirecTV wants it. The Pac-12 is sort of a mess, and the channel illustrates this as much as anything.

I have seen some of their programming and it is just insanely bad. Replays of girl’s basketball games played 3 months ago, soccer games from 8 months ago, top 10 lists that include ‘best basketball plays from 2017’ and ‘best Oregon football players in the last 30 years’, and a ton of gymnastics. This network is awful.

But………… defense……………………

I hate defending Larry Scott. I think he is a pretentious idiot who has no idea what he is doing. But……..are any of these college networks any good?

I mean I love to bash the Pac-12 Network as much as anyone, but have you seen the SEC Network? The Big 10 Network? Remember the Longhorn Network? Holy cow!!! These channels are exactly the same as the Pac-12, except a lot more football games replayed and sans the gymnastics stuff.

Honestly, all of these stations suck. And the reason why; there is not enough programming to merit a network like these. I mean these replays of girls soccer games or girl basketball games that no one wanted to watch in the first place AND were played literally 3 months ago make not a good channel. And why anyone would have thought this was viable is crazy to me.

So yes, Larry Scott is an idiot. The Pac-12 Network is embarrassing. But so are all of these networks. Don’t believe me? I dare you to watch them. Go ahead…….