The Rich Get Richer

Jerry Richardson is not a good person.

This has been known for a long time.

A former NFL player, Jerry used his money after he retired to buy some Hardee’s franchises. After that success, he invested in food distribution to other fast food places, made good money doing that, then won a bid for an expansion in 1993 to buy the rights to the new Carolina Panthers for the tidy sum of $140 million.

He is now selling the team. For over $2 billion.

Jerry has been known to be a miserable person. He has pissed off Peyton Manning in owner/player negotiations in 2012 (claiming as an ex-player he knows more about football than Peyton), didn’t want to draft Cam Newton because he was too ‘ghetto’, and is widely known throughout the league as a big loudmouth who no one likes. If that doesn’t convince you,he fired both of his sons from team operations (cutting them out of the team or any possible inheritance of the team) and his best friend is Jerry Jones. Yes, he is a typical southern ‘good ole’ boy’, which translates to being slightly racist and heavily misogynist. The latter is the reason why he has decided to sell the team.

The NFL is conducting a purge of sorts; investigations into sexual harassment across all teams this coming off season and instead of risking this probe into his life, Jerry is deciding to simply sell his majority stake.

That translates to over $1 billion. Remember, he bought the team for $140 million. That puts him from having rich man’s money to another stratosphere all together.

Nice to see the wheels of justice really work and heavily penalize the villains in our society. What a country, huh?