What a sad year of sports for me:

  • Federer losing at Wimbledon after being up 2-0 sets

  • Nadal winning anything

  • Tiger Woods sucking the life out of golf, thanks ESPN

  • The Warriors ruining basketball, and getting away with it

  • Sherman acting like….well….Sherman

  • The StL Cardinals falling apart

  • The Cubs, just being the Cubs

  • The Lakers landing LeBron despite being the worst run franchise in the NBA just because they are the Lakers

  • The Mariners being 11 games up in the Wild Card, only to be down 2.5 one month later (so much for breaking their 17 year playoff-less streak)

But the lowest and most personal things that have happened this year are……hmmm……let’s put it this way. My three favorite players are:

  • Kawhi Leonard

  • Felix Hernandez

  • Earl Thomas

Yeah, depressing huh.

Well, for those who don’t know:

  • Kawhi Leonard- unceremoniously leaves the Spurs due to the fact that….well…no one knows. But he was crying like a baby throughout

  • Felix Hernandez- he is awful at baseball, to the point where it looks like he isn’t even trying anymore

  • Earl Thomas- wants out of Seattle and is holding out


All three of these guys were beloved by all in their area, and loved dearly. All three of these guys played the game with so much passion and acted so grateful to be apart of their team.

All three have now shown their true colors.

It just goes to show that you never know who these guys are. I mean I knew that, but you always hope for the best, like these guys are different than the rest because….I guess on;y because I like them. But they are not. They are the same as all the greedy and ungrateful athletes of the past. Most of these guys never realizes how lucky they have it and they have the chance to build a legacy; so few players get that shot.

But instead these guys pissed it away.

I guess they are not necessarily bad guys, I mean they are not doing anything awful or illegal. It is just depressing to see these guys not take advantage of being something better and different than most.

Excuse me while I pout in the corner now.