Superb Owl

So the Super Bowl happened on Sunday.


The Superb Owl is way better than what I saw on Sunday.

It was not a good game. I mean the players played hard and all that stuff, but the people that are running this show, refs, coaches, and the like, are so utterly miserable at their jobs for the pay they get in this multi-billion dollar industry, it baffles my mind.

Let’s first take the coaches:

  • The Rams on defense, after half the game lining no one up in front of center, decided to do this at the beginning of the second half, not letting the Bengals center help block Aaron Donald. The Bengals could not handle it at all. Why did it take so long to do this?

  • And why could the Bengals not answer this one minor adjustment at all?

  • Why id the Bengals go for it on 4th down at the beginning of the game, pretty much giving points to the Rams. I know the coaches will say that is what their numbers say, but their numbers are wrong. With that awful o-line the Bengals have, getting 1 yard has a different probability than what their normal calculation is. So stupid.

  • Why did the Bengals coach call a time out near the end of the first half? This, in turn, allowed the Rams to have another shot at getting the ball with enough time for a field goal.

  • WHY IN THE HELL DID THE BENGALS NOT CALL TIME OUT ON THEIR LAST POSSESSION ON 2ND AND 1? Instead, they try to run a quick play, quick took over 12 seconds to set up mind you, and was a miscommunication on a long pass. 3rd and 1, stuffed the run. 4th and 1, sack. So the Bengals ended up with a spare time out at the end. Use the damn time out to set up the play on 2nd down. Made no sense.

  • Why is Kooper Kupp open all the time? If he is truly unstoppable, why not literally throw to him every time? Throughout the whole season? The reality is that no one is unstoppable, just poorly schemed against.

Now on to the refs:

  • I hate pass interference, but how do you miss that OPI on Higgins? I mean the face mask alone is a penalty.

  • And that holding call on the defense that virtually ended the game. How do you call that. Like it or not, referees decide games. And that call decided the game. A multi-billionaire dollar game, and that random call decided it. Does the punishment fit the crime in that case? Not the first time we have seen a call help the Rams in their recent history…..

There is plenty more, but am getting sick thinking about this. The NFL is a sloppy, slap-dash run organization with coaches who cannot handle the job and refs that are even more inept than the coaches.

Can’t wait for next year, huh.