Take Me Out to the......Bored Game

A few weeks ago, the baseball season started. I, much like everyone else, was extremely excited about this. Whimsical thoughts of peanuts and Cracker Jacks, blissful memories of hearing the crack of the bat, and the longful musings of journeying through the summer with your team enter all our minds around early April. Baseball, isn’t it romantic?

Then I watched a game.

All of the sudden, a whole bunch of different thoughts came to mind. ‘Damn, is this game long’. ‘Holy cow, just pitch the ball!’. ‘I wonder what else is on TV’. ‘ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’.

Oh yeah, now I remember, this game is boring.

Sorry baseball faithful. I know the national pastime is steeped in tradition. And I respect that. In fact, I will watch my fair share of Mariner games, both live and on TV. It is very fun to follow a team daily, and it is even fun to follow the entire league on a weekly basis.

But when it comes to actually watching a game where I have zero rooting interest; no way.

Not only is the game so slow and mostly uneventful (you can squeeze a 3 hour game into about 20 minutes of action with basic editing), they play 162 of these things.


I completely understand that in order to tease out the random nature from the game for the best teams to reign supreme, you need a ton of games. Also, the body is not very taxed when playing one of these games (I mean they can play two of these things in a day), so why not play a boatload of these.

But what this does is renders each individual game as almost meaningless. There is no sense of urgency within a game, there is no ‘event’ feel to a game, and there is no real big game in the middle of the season. Each game is a dot on the continuum which is a MLB season.

Compare this to pretty much any other sport. This is unique in baseball. And I understand this uniqueness makes baseball different and special in its own right.

So I will keep up with the season (because, well, I am just a sports nut) and watch the semi-beloved M’s this summer plow through another season of .500 baseball.

But I will be napping intermittently throughout.