The Big Fat Bully

I’m getting tired of Richard Sherman’s act.

Sure, I am a Seahawks fan and root for him to play well. But that does not cloud my view on the way he is behaving.

Let’s look at what he has done in 2016:

  • Yelled and almost attacked DC Kris Richard after a blown coverage in the Atlanta game

  • Took jabs at the offense in a 14-5 loss to Tampa Bay by saying ‘we scored on;y 5 points, really can’t win when doing that’

  • Washed all responsibility from the defense in the 38-whatever loss to Green Bay by mentioning the 6 offensive turnovers

  • Confronted OC Darrell Bevell when throwing the ball on 1st and goal at the 1 versus the Rams referencing the Super Bowl 49 mishap (later scoring on a throw on 3rd down ironically)

  • Threatened to yank the press pass of a local reporter when felt the questions were unfair (something he can’t do by the way)

  • Apologized to no one about this, including HC Pete Carroll.

I know from the outside he has been hated, but in the PNW, Sherman has been a stalwart in the Seattle community. He has many charity organizations, participates in local fund raisers, and has been a beloved figure in the area. One of his projects is to deliver school supplies to lower income students. I would advise him to tell these kids to do as he says and not as he does, because Richard Sherman has turned into a big, fat, bully.

You know who he has become? Donald Trump. Yes, Richard Sherman is now the black Donald Trump. Think about it:

  • has funny hair

  • thinks he knows everything

  • doesn’t know everything

  • is an attention whore

  • Faults everyone around him for personal failures (Sherm always argues with refs about PI)

  • bullies around people of lesser social status


Yes, Sherman is not the leader of the free world, so the consequences are not as grand. And even when (not if) Seattle falls in the playoffs, it will be due to the porous o-line, no ET3, and lack of running game. Not Sherman’s antics.

Maybe that is what he needs; a humbling experience to ground him such as a playoff loss. Because if he was as defensive on the field as he is off the field, he would be a first team All-Pro. Right now his play is not good enough to offset his attitude.

Too bad too, he used to be such a great player to follow.