The Rarest of GOATS

This past weekend was maybe the most significant tennis match in history.

No, it wasn’t between the current #1 vs #2. No, it wasn’t at the most storied of Grand Slam events (in fact it is the least noted one of the four). No, it didn’t have any Americans in it as well.

But what this final had was rare: the consensus greatest of all-time versus the second greatest of all-time; both past their prime, both not at their top form, but due to divine fortune, both ended up against each other in the finals of an Open is something not even Jimmy the Greek would predict. However what is not a consensus was who was #1 and who was #2.

After 3 and a half hours and 5 sets, we may finally have a consensus.

Roger Federer winning another Major boosts his record total to 18, and although he has a losing record to his primary foe in Nadal, 18>14. I guess 17>15 if things went the other way, but 18>14 just feels like a significantly bigger difference, one that may override the 66% winning percentage Nadal has over Fed.

Anyway, it was a great match and both players exemplify the best parts about sports, except when Nadal limps around like an idiot when he is ‘injured’ after a bad shot. we should all feel lucky to bear witness to such a great champion like Federer; a true GOAT with character and charisma to spare.

I mean just look at the other GOATs in other sports:

  • Tom Brady: Smug, elitist, and as the personality of a wet carrot. Oh yeah, he is a Trump supporter, never forget that, temporary Pat fans.

  • Michael Jordan: A jerk and a terrible teammate to all ‘lucky’ enough to play with him. If David Stern was not so spineless, we may know a hell of a lot more about Jordan and his gambling addiction.

  • Barry Bonds: Even his own dad doesn’t like him.

  • Wayne Gretzky: Eh, he may be ok. But his daughter has turned herself into a sexy symbol in golf. That is sort of weird.

  • Jack Nicklaus: I don’t know much about him. But golf sucks.

  • Earl Anthony: He bowled. I like bowling. But no one else does. Poor choice of sport, Earl.

Anyway, if Fed was an American, we would celebrate him the way he deserves. Instead due to our hyper-jingoism, he flys below the radar for most in this country. A real shame, because he truly is a great athlete and plays tennis in a beautiful way.

35 is a ripe old age for a tennis pro, so this will probably be his last Open win. Just feel lucky that you got to see one more. If you missed it? Just feel lucky that you can see it on tape delay? Not going to watch it? Well, you suck. Like golf.

Oh yeah. There is a Super Bowl this Sunday. Pats will win easily. Who cares?