The New America's Team

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new ‘America’s Team’.

For years this exalted moniker was reserved for the Dallas Cowboys (completely based on a 1975 Ed Sabol hype video about the Cowboys…was never expected that this handle wold stick, yet it did). However since Dallas hasn’t even been to a Super Bowl since 1995, I feel it is time to nominate a new ‘America’s Team’.

Obviously this has to be the New England Patriots.

Now this may be easy to defend by simply saying that since the Pats win a lot, they are representative of America.

Oh, but I say it goes much, much deeper than that.

This era of America, or the ‘Trump Era’, perfectly parallels what the Patriots are as well as what Trump is to his core:

  • White: The Patriots have the most white players in the NFL. And look at their fanbase; Boston Irish folks, possibly the most racist set of fans in the USA.

  • Naive fanbase: I’ll try to not use the ‘stupid’ for this, but it easily can be fit in there. People who are not really in touch with football tend to really like the cool/winning team at that time. It is sort of like the crazy fangirl who just yells out things to get attention at a sports bar. That girl is a Pats fan. And probably from the west coast. This is very much like Trump supporters; disconnected from politics, like to yell and scream a lot to bring attention to themselves, are really do not have any idea what is going on.

  • Over-Indulgence: The rich get richer, huh. The gap between the haves and have-nots is greatly increasing. We see it in America every day. So what does Trump do? Champion a tax plan that will widen this gap. Well, even though there is no ‘plan’ by the NFL to help out the Pats (despite some PI calls that happen to go the Pats way last Sunday), there is no question that the Patriots are symbolic of this achievement gap. Like seeing the 1% of 1% benefit while all others suffer? Well then, you might be a Pats fan.

  • Dirty Business: Remember Spygate? Remember tampering with the football? Remember when they drafted a serial killer? Yes, the Patriots have done all of those things and more. I don’t even need to list the dirty pools Trump has swam around in.

  • Teflon: Yet despite all of those malfeasance, the Patriots pretty much go unscathed. Sure they lost a few draft picks here and there, but no true penalty. And Trump, well he can do pretty much anything he wants and nothing sticks to him. Pretty fair, huh? I still can’t believe the Pats drafted a serial killer and no one has said much about it.

  • Lucky: Tuck rule, winning 3 Super Bowls on last plays, and 2 others by 3 points, those are things that tend to even out over time. But somehow they haven’t. Do we even need to mention the 2016 election, where Trump lost the popular yet won the electoral? Sort of like getting an interception at the 1 with 35 seconds left.

  • Win: Yes, the Patriots win a lot. And honestly so does Trump. You watch, for as awful as he is, he and his cowardly minions will rule the roost and ‘win’ at the expense of the US from now to 2024. Yet still 35% of America will cheer this on.

And if none of that convinces you that the Patriots are truly Trump’s America’s Team, note that team owner Robert Kraft is personal friends with Trump and has given him tons of money.

Oh yeah, and here is this pic:

Class act, huh.