Had Enough?

So guess who is undefeated in woman’s basketball again?

For the 46th time, the UConn woman’s team is undefeated in the regular season. Sounds interesting, huh? I mean this level of dominance at any level would be somewhat eye raising.

But trust me, it is not interesting. Not at all.

Take last night’s game; UConn vs Cincinnati. Cincinnati is not a bad team, going 19-11 and 10-6 in conference. So not the best team, but an above average team for sure. Halftime score………………….43-5 UConn.

Not a misprint, 5 points in a half. That is stupid.

This unbalanced ownership of NCAA woman’s basketball is not healthy. Sure it grabs some passing headlines, but for the overall sport this is not working. There are literally 335 D1 women teams. 334 are meaningless.

And this is not just this year. It is every year. Once in awhile. a plucky team like Notre Dame or South Carolina steps up and dethrones the beast, but it is not for long. It is just a flesh wound for UConn, who will rattle off another 100+ wins soon enough.

This is what happens in women sports a lot; a few great players and the rest just struggle and receive participation trophies. Tennis, gymnastics, golf, track, swimming, etc, this is just a part of female sports. The reason is because there are far fewer women who partake in sports at a serious level than men. Fewer people partaking in the sport, the more likely you get absurd dominance. This was true in 1880’s baseball where some players batted .450 and pitched both sides of a double header. This was also true with UCLA basketball in the 60’s. Luckily for the viewing public, over the course of time things got more competitive.

Will this me true with woman’s basketball? Probably not, because it is not a money-making sport like the other two. But if woman’s basketball ever wants to rise to the point where people start taking it seriously and not as an oddity, more teams have to step up and compete.

As a side note, I know I wrote about this last year. But I had to mention it again because nothing else interesting is going on in sports. Oh well, and also 43-5. 5?!?!!?!!? What the hell is that?