Hard to Root For

The NBA has a problem.

Well, it has a ton of problems really. But let’s focus on one major issue:

The Golden St. Warriors, easily the best team in the NBA and will be for the foreseeable future, is about the most unlikable group of assholes I’ve ever seen on the court.

Whether it is Steph Curry shimmying on every 3 he makes, or Draymond Green bullying referees after every call, or Durant being the biggest coward in NBA history and hides behind a 73 win team to win a title, or the fact that once down 15 the team completely quits on a regular basis, this team is just an eyesore.

Granted, they sometimes play fun basketball, and I say SOME of the time. Did you watch game 3? I had more bowel movements than they had ball movement through the entire 3rd quarter. Talk about 1-1 hero ball for 48 game minutes on both sides.

Anyway, the Warriors are clearly the #1 team out there, but there really is not much to like about them unless you are a teenage boy who thinks it is still cool to play against the neighborhood boy half your age and rub it in his face after you block his shot.

I know ESPN has an ‘All-Curry’ cam fixed on father Del, mother who-gives-a-shit, wife ‘whiny-privileged hag’, and daughter ‘destined to be on the pole’. Every time Curry makes a 3 and gloats like a little bitch, the camera turns on and ESPN expects us all to celebrate with him.

But it is not working.

I am not the only one who is getting tired of their act. There is growing sentiment that this ‘team for the millennials’ are behaving so poorly and in such a whiny, self-entitlement manner, that their bandwagon is vacating. And that does not bode well for the NBA.

I keep hearing about how popular the NBA is and that it is catching up with the NFL. But let’s look at the product: the best team is full of little babies, all of these games postseason games are blow-outs because teams just quit out on the games routinely, and there are only 4 teams with any reasonable shot to win the title (and 4 is being generous). This fact renders 26 other teams into obscurity. Kevin Durant leaves to be on the best team, OKC is a garbage franchise. Karl Anthony-Towns wants out on Minnesota, why ever have a team there? In fact, why have 30 teams? The NBA is a shitshow that cannot expand it’s base because there are only a few players that matter and those players team up because….well….they are chicken shit to build their own legacy.

We will see the final ratings when it is all said and done. But I bet this year’s NBA Finals will rate lower than last year. And next year will be worse. Sure, it is not all Golden St’s issue, I mean all they are doing is winning games, but when you have a such a disgusting attitude about it, why in the world would anyone want to see the celebrate?