Top 10 Best College Logos.....EVER!!

10. Louisville Cardinals

To start off the list, an upset! I mean this looks like such a simple logo, why be in the top 10? Well, there is something different about this cardinal……see it? TEETH!!!! It has teeth!!! Cardinals, or birds for that matter, do not have teeth. But this badass does. Screw the ornithological societies! This bird needs floss and needs some now!!

9. Colorado Buffalos

I always liked their colors; gold and black. Also Ralphie the Buffalo has always been a favorite of mine. There was one time he ran over a few cheerleaders when running him out onto the field. That’s sort of cool, huh? So it is natural to have the stylized pictured representation of him to be in the top 10.

8. Kansas Jayhawks

Don’t know what a Jayhawk is? Well, apparently it is a bird with shoes. And not just any kind of shoes; shoes with buckles. And it looks like he is dancing! That simply makes no sense at all. But neither does this list, so landing at #8 seems reasonable.

7. UAB Blazers

When I first heard that UAB’s nickname was a Blazer, I was thinking it would be some sort of sports coat. But no!! It is a fire-breathing dragon! Now that is different, huh? How many teams in sports, outside your old AYSO team, would have a dragon as a logo? Not many….and not enough! If I were the rivals of UAB, my mascot would be Thorin Oakenshield and show those damn Blazers a thing or two about stealing my Arkenstone.

6. Penn St Nittany Lions

I know Penn St has it’s issues; an entire community enabling a man to systematically rape children and attract his victims through his charity, and they have a below-average dance program. But it is hard to resist that sleek, stylish, outline of a lion from Mt. Nittany. It is so cool it almost makes one forgive a city that let a monster run free for 30+ years.

5. University of Arizona

I have to put my alma mater on this list. Is it the most original logo? No. It is just an A. Does it incorporate the mascot at all? Nope. But it is my home college and it does look sort of cool. I remember when they first changed the logo from a red block A to this ‘A within an A’, people freaked out! Seriously, there were protests on campus about the amount of money they spent on the design (~$30k if I remember correctly). Seems like a cheap price tag now if you ask me. This logo does distinguish the UA from other A schools, like Auburn, Alabama, and Appalachian St. So yes, this logo does belong in the top 5.

4. Texas Longhorns

Classic, simple, and original, this longtime logo of the Longhorns has since become a symbol for the entire state. Even their colors, burnt orange and cream, are unique to the school. Sure the school stinks of their own pretentiousness, sure they are the prime reason why the Big 12 is dying, sure they overvalue the prestige of their football program. But that logo, it is pretty damn cool.

3. Michigan St. Spartans

I really like this logo. Maybe it is due to my affinity towards ancient Greece, maybe it is due to the hard and distinct lines that capture Greek art, maybe it is just because it simply looks cool. If you look at other teams with a ‘Spartan’ or ‘Trojan’ mascot, their logos suck in comparison. The logo exemplifies the strength, the courage, and the overall manliness of the Spartan people. Well, at least those qualities that 300 showed.

2. Missouri Western St. Griffins

I know, what the hell is this school and why did it make the list. Well, other than having a Griffin as a mascot (which is very very cool), just look at the wings of the Griffin and how they are folded. Look familiar? Yes! The wings are in the shape of the state of Missouri. Pretty cool, huh? I like that creativity. I have no idea where this school is (other than the obvious fact it is in western Missouri) or anything else about it. But they hired a great graphic designer for their logo.

1. Washington St. Cougars

This has always been my favorite college logo of all time. The way the letters form the cougar (the use of the ‘U’ to be the mouth is very cool) in a way that is not forced is really quite an accomplishment. What is also interesting about this logo is that it is far from recently designed, although has that modern look. It was designed in 1936. Yeah, I know! 1936! And it has been their primary logo ever since. This logo also won the ‘Best College Logo’ contest on Reddit from 2015. So I am not alone in this camp. There is no question that what Washington St lacks in athletes, academics, and overall value to society is offset by this fantastic logo.