Top 10 Candy (Non-Chocolate Version)

10. Jelly Beans

As Ronald Reagan would say….yummy!

9. Lemonheads

Tart and tangy, what a combo!

8. Skittles

Even Marshawn can’t say no to these little guys.

7. Life Savers

Oh yeah, don’t forget about these tasty treats.

6. Sour Patch Kids

Sweet AND sour? Yes please!

5. Nerds

Pure sugar. Pure awesome.

4. Black Forest Gummy Worms

Gummy…….in worm form? Why not?

3. Starburst

Oh don’t you worry, these fruity folks aren’t forgotten.

2. Orange Slices

Everyone loves these things. Unless you have no taste buds.

1. Haribo Gummy Bears

The creme de la creme of gummy. The Germans really know their way around this genre.