Top 10 Spooky Costumes for Halloween

10. Spooky Zombie

‘Oh no! Please don’t eat my brains!’ To start off this very spooky list, let’s go with a spooky zombie. A perfect look for Halloween, zombies always have blood running down their mouth, sunken in eyes, and ooohhhh so spooky. You never want to meet one of these spooky folks in an alley.

9. Spooky Cat

EEEEKKK!! Don’t scratch me! Is there anything spookier than a spooky cat? Well, maybe about 8 more things, but I digress. A cat is just a terrifying animal. They love to scratch, bite, claw, and rip into humans. I mean just look at that picture! Sends spooky chills down your spine I’m sure.

8. Spooky Banana

The banana: undoubtedly the spookiest fruit of all. They are filled with potassium (used to kill death row inmates), have a peel that can be slipped on an maim a man, and….well……just look at it!! Very, very frightening indeed. The yellow hue, the long thin shape, the banana can be treated as a fun treat filled with necessary vitamins and nutrients, or as an agent of evil. Either way, this costume is definitely of a spooky variety.

7. Spooky Pantomime Horse

If you have ever seen the Monty Python skit about the pantomime horse applying at a bank, then you know how utterly spooky a pantomime horse can be. Horses, in general, are known to bite people’s fingers off. A pantomime horse is known to be way way worse. And a spooky pantomime horse…..well you can just forget it. A good pantomime horse outfit requires two people, which pretty much doubles the spookiness factor.

6. Spooky Nurse

‘Uh nurse……do you think I really need more serum in my IV? Nurse? Oh no!! That’s not serum….that’s poison!!! AARRGGGHHH!’ Definitely the situation I fear every time I am in the hospital. On the outside a nurse seems like a placid type; helpful and kind. But a spooky nurse? Oh no….nothing good about that. A spooky nurse is about as spooky as it gets. Don’t believe me? Just look at that picture above. Yeah, spooky spooky spooky to say the least.

5. Spooky Alien

You mean there exists life on other planets?!?!?! Oh my god!! This is huge!! Will they be friend or foe? Oh wait…..let’s see………OH NO!!!! Not only are they foe, but they are a spooky foe!! Who would have thought that spookiness would transcend galaxies? Anyway, little green men from outer space is always a haunting endeavor. They are always abducting humans, probing them anally, and just being a real jerk about it all. But to see one on Halloween? To actually see one up close? Tres spooky indeed.

4. Spooky Devil

‘Oh Satan, dark lord of the hoary netherworld, what is thy bidding? To dress up as a spooky devil and scare people on October 31st? Can do.’ Whenever I see one of Satan’s minions running around on Halloween, there is a deep sense of fear and terror that bubbles up inside of me. Not only are they acting as agents for the big guy downstairs, they are just a spooky lot in general/ Case in point, look at that picture. Look into his eyes. What do you see? What do you feel? Let me guess, 6 letters, starts with Spoo- and ends in -ky.

3. Spooky Witch

Damn, I thought we burned all these women in the 1600’s. But every year, around this time, you see these spooky witches hovering around on their spooky brooms just being….spooky. You can see in the picture above how very horrifying it is to see one of these hags in present day. I don’t want a spell cast me on. I don’t want to see people I know being turned into frogs. I just don’t want to deal with the black magic bullshit! But with a spooky witch around, all spooky possibilities are on the table.

2. Spooky Vampire

‘I vanna, sucka, your blooda’. Yes, that is exactly what a spooky vampire would say, in a spooky Transylvanian accent. And what a terrifying proclamation that is. I don’t want my blood being sucked out of me. I want my blood inside of me; the exact opposite of what this vampire guy has in mind. Hell, I don’t even want my personal space to be violated by him/her. Vampires are about the worst things around (eg: Twilight or any Anne Rice novel). They are annoying and really pretentious. But there is one thing far worse……a spooky vampire; has all the negative traits of the aforementioned vampire, but with a lot higher ‘spooky quotient’.

1. Spooky Ghost

If you ever wondered what happens after death, such as ‘is there an afterlife’ or ‘where does my spirit go’, well here is your answer. You turn into a sheet with holes for eyes. Seems sort of anti-climactic on the surface, but look a bit deeper and you find out that spooky meter is off the charts with this guy. Whether it is rattling chains at night to wake up a good night’s sleep, whether it is moaning in the middle of the night to disturb all inhabitants in the house, or whether it is simply floating around being a transcendental nuisance, a ghost not only has a PhD in spookiness, but it is sort of a jerk. Yeah, they don’t have any tangible limbs or really any sort of useful talent, but wow can they be a pest. Just watch Ghost Hunters; a ghost infestation can be way worse than any termite or ant infestation. Anyway, nothing represents an unimaginative, lazy, and overall cheap costume for Halloween than the ghost. But even then, whenever I see a person dressed like that one in the above picture, I get goosebumps. I’m not sure why…..I’m at a loss for words about how to describe that ghost………whats the correct term……….